NEW!  Greater than 5 Billion system lifetime. The new  The EX5A with SUPERCHAMBER gives very long system lifetime, improved static and dynamic gas lifetime, ultra low vibration and nanosecond jitter. The SUPERCHAMBER uses all metal/ceramic contruction, together with the latest advances in materials science to deliver the maximum performance available from a 2.5 liter volume mini erxcimer laser.

bulletNew 1000Hz version
bulletNew chamber Material
bulletState of the art, newly available materials
bulletUp to 100% increase in gas lifetime compared to a standard chamber
bulletLinear power output with repetition rate
bulletHigher average power
bullet1% pulse to pulse stability
bullet>10,000 hours bearing lifetime
bullet5billion pulse chamber lifetime
bulletNo optics service for 2 billion pulses at 248nm
bulletImproved electrode design
bulletUltra high repetition rates
bulletImproved 157nm performance
bulletNo reversal current main discharge for longer electrode life
bulletActive gas clean up
bulletReduced parts count gas handling system
bulletThe most advanced excimer laser chamber ever
bulletCE mark